What I Do

In my agency career I worked with an enormous range of clients ranging from start-ups to plc brands with global reputations. I was part of a successful launch of a Virgin business in the Middle East, I rebranded and handled worldwide communications for both J&C Joel and Idwal Marine, I  have launched e-commerce websites and I created the identity for The Tetley, a major Leeds cultural attraction. I have also worked with Bentley Motors, Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi, Harewood House, Croda plc, William Hill and Bootea.

Creative agency services


I provide a range of creative services across a diverse range of online and traditional marketing channels.

  • Services include:
    Branding and logo design
    Digital creative, writing and graphics with SEO in mind
    Social media content & infographics
    Email communications
    Web design and build

Take a look at the gallery for samples of my work.



I have a history of working with complex subject matters, like stem cell donation and storage (for Virgin Health Bank), the science behind squatting on the toilet (for a toilet step company (it’s all about the puborectalis muscle)) and presenting degree courses for roadies (for Backstage Academy).

In 2018 I co-wrote and edited the Leeds 2023 Bid Book for the application to become the European Capital of Culture. I am particularly adept at taking large quantities of source material, sorting the wheat from the chaff, seeing the wood for the trees and then editing it down into clear, concise copy.

As my career progressed as a Creative Director on the art direction and copywriting side, I have developed my skill as a writer. I have written scripts for corporate films, commercial radio and TV, as well as music videos and short films.

Email me at paul@harker.works if you’d like to discuss a project.